Explore the Benefits of Prenatal Suspension Yoga

Prenatal SuspensionYoga offers many benefits to pregnant and new mothers. The Prenatal Suspension Yoga has been specifically created to relieve physical tension in muscles and joints, and to offer a stress-free workout. Supported by the YogiGym Suspension Yoga Sling you’ll be guided through a combination of several prenatal yoga exercises and poses, helping relieve the pelvis of the weight and offering freer movement. Squats, opening twists, warrior poses, chest opening poses and gentle inversions help pregnant and new moms tone and stretch the muscles.

Give prenatal yoga a try and you’ll find you’ll be in tune with your physical and mental state. This practice helps alleviate the stress associated with labour, birth and becoming a new mom. You will also learn various relaxation and breathing techniques.

Come and meet other women in a positive and supporting environment at The Flying Yogi Gym.

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