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May 18th – 21st, 2018

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Tuition: $1295

“Suspension Yoga™ is an emerging aerial movement modality
with a versatility
that lends itself to a wide range of class settings.” 

 Suspension Yoga™ alters our relationship to gravity and creates a whole new way of experiencing the body. Learn how to move through space with grace and mindfulness and renew your vital energy through introducing mobility, fluidity and playfulness into your life and that of your clients.

Discover a whole new dimension to your yoga practice by taking it to flight!


More and more people are being drawn daily to Suspension Yoga™ because of its many benefits and just how wonderful it makes them feel.  However, currently there are simply not enough qualified instructors to meet this rapidly rising demand.

Suspension Yoga™ is beneficial for almost any body.
First and foremost it is fun, so no matter what the age of your clientele it will keep them coming back.  Classes emphasizing spinal alignment and postural awareness are perfect for children and their developing bones. The therapeutic benefits of low impact joint mobility and spinal decompression can be tailored towards classes for the elderly. Practitioners at every level can access the benefits of asanas like handstand, headstand, arm balancing postures, and enhanced back-bends – all of which can otherwise be unattainable and possibly even dangerous. It’s also conducive to rehabilitative classes, allowing those who have sustained injuries to gently and safely reintegrate the benefits of physical activity into their lives.

Instructor-trainees of Suspension Yoga™ will become familiar with the basics of teaching Suspension Yoga™ and learn to instruct from a whole new perspective. Experiencing gravity in a new way can be both liberating and, at times, a little scary. Emphasis is placed on integration of proper form, support, stabilization, and safety throughout the duration of each exercise as well as effective spotting techniques for clients of varying abilities.  In addition, you will learn how to confidently coach students out of their comfort zone and into the freedom and exhilaration that exists on the other side keeping them coming back for more.

With the  YogiGym® Suspension Swing, clients at any level or age can learn to use gravity as their greatest tool. By implementing simple, customized strategies, you can teach students to release muscular tension, relieve chronic back pain increase joint mobility, enhance core strength, improve coordination, and slow down the aging process…all while having a great time!

Adding a Suspension Yoga™ Certification to your list of qualifications will enhance your professional recognition for being educated about leading training strategies. When effectively integrated into a full exercise regimen, the playful techniques and remarkable results are reported to increase client loyalty and training consistency.

How does Suspension Yoga™ Training differ from Aerial or Anti-Gravity Yoga?
Suspension Yoga™ is a style of aerial movement that incorporates yoga with gravity-resistance training, spinal therapy and aerobatics.  Although similarities exist with other aerial movement modalities, there are also significant differences that rest mainly the equipment used;  Anti-Gravity hammocks or “silks” once hung, cannot be  readjusted easily during a class. The 14 height settings of the YogiGym® Suspension Sling makes it a much more customizable apparatus that provides easy adjustments for a wider variety of  poses and exercises.  The fabric of the Anti-Gravity hammocks consist of a stretchy poly knit fabric that can constrict circulation and result in bruising  where as the breathable parachute material and generous foam cushion support of the YogiGym® offers a much more comfortable inversion experience. In addition, the YogiGym’s handles offer added stability and off-loading capabilities, making it far more versatile, user friendly and safe .

THE FLYING YOGI®  is the original Suspension™ Yoga instructor training school.  We are accredited with the Federal Gov’t of Canada and  Canadian Yoga Alliance and internationally recognized as a world class training facility for aerial and Suspension Yoga™ instructors since 2011.  


The Flying Yogi is certified with the Federal Government as a “Professional Education Institute”
What this means is that those enrolling in our Teacher Training Programs may claim their tuition and text books as tax credits.  Fees are also eligible for student loans and grants.

Additional Benefits to Becoming a Certified Suspension Yoga™ Instructor with  The Flying Yogi

Participants that have successfully completed the Suspension Yoga™ Teacher Training qualify to earn additional income as a Distributor Affiliate as well as list their studio or classes on the and websites.

What Others Are Saying:
“I am so happy that I took my training with you! I have been looking at video’s online and other products and nothing compares to the training you provided.” LBM

“The 36 hrs teachers training certification at The Flying Yogi is an awesome course. Not only did I learn so much, I walked away 5 lbs lighter and a couple of inches taller. My balance has improved and I’m standing straight up and I feel great.  Thank you Trixie!” JW FERGUS KICKBOXING

“The training was very detailed and well planned out. I’m glad I was able to make it out from Nova Scotia and am excited for the possibilities moving forward both in my personal teaching and therapy practice as well as the idea of introducing more studios to the system. The applications are endless and I believe it will be a powerful tool.” AA

“Since the intensive training we went through during teacher training,  I am surprised at how well my back has held up over so many hours of training, and how I actually feel strong and really good.  I have never in the last 8 years since my back surgery, ever been able to recover enough to not only play a soccer game the next day, and attend a core class and then stay longer then the planned class, and leave feeling good!!! The fact that I am able to be supported so I don’t strain my back, yet still be able to exercise the areas of my body that I need to work on to help my back on a daily basis is truly amazing. All I think about throughout my day is when I have the chance to go up in my Yogigym® and invert to give my spine a break!… Its sort of like my cup of coffee… When I have my morning coffee I feel good, I don’t get a headache, I feel focused and I feel ready to start my day….. Well my YogiGym has become my very large cup of morning coffee… It truly makes my body and mind feel amazing!”  CP

“The whole group was really friendly and positive. Their experience truly helped me improve my practice as a result of their helpful feedback. Beatrix’s thorough knowledge and love for the practice made the course fun, exciting and, totally complete!”  PP


The Flying Yogi Suspension™ Yoga Instructor Training is an intensive 50 hour  CYA accredited certification program  that includes:

          • A full colour manual of over 100 Suspension Yoga™ postures with special index
          • 36 hours of in class time plus 15 hour of practicum and apprenticing
          • Duplicatable guidelines and formats for creating your own classes
          • Eligibility for discounted purchases of a YogiGym®
          • Eligibility to become a Distributor or Studio Affiliate
          • Studio Pass for 6 Suspension Yoga™ classes
          • Yoga Alliance certification upon successful completion of the curriculum

*Participation in this program is open to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of Suspension Yoga™ however,  due to space restrictions preference will be given to certified yoga instructors and other movement professionals.  Other prerequisites for class include familiarity with common yoga poses and an understanding of basic anatomical principals.

Course Schedule

Day 1 9:30am – 6:30pm
Introduction to Suspension Yoga™ –  Theory.  Overview of terminology, equipment & set up options, safety & form, aerial principals, fabric placements and height options, working with individual equipment components and, benefits of Inversion Therapy.

Day 2 9:30am – 6:30pm
Suspension Yoga™ Grounded Asanas – Technique Study.  We will explore classic asana alignment, basic principals of bio-mechanics, aspects and applications of grounded poses, how to advance into some of the more challenging yoga postures such as arm balances, head-stands and more.

Day 3 9:30am – 6:30pm
Suspension Yoga™ Aerial Asanas – Taking Flight.  Focus is on developing stability and ease during airborne poses as well as examining how to structure and cue a class  More inversion poses, hip openers, back-bends, aerial play and sequencing techniques.

Day 4 9:30am – 6:30pm
Becoming an Instructor – Teaching.  Students will be called upon to conduct presentations and mini classes that incorporate the fundamentals of class structure along with the basic movements of the spine and all of the other principals touched upon in the previous  days. How and when to introduce therapeutic restorative postures and certification requirements will be reviewed. The course will end with a Q & A session on how to become a successful Suspension Yoga™ instructor or studio owner followed by a photo session that may be used for promotional purposes.

The Suspension Yoga™ Teacher Training is a component of the The Flying Yogi’s 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training and complies with the CEC requirements for both Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance of the United States.

Former Graduate Refresher Course:
Students who have previously completed a Suspension Yoga™ Teacher Training may review the entire course for only $295. Daily drop-ins are $100 per day . This offer is subject to space availability- please contact the studio to reserve a space.


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Beatrix Montanile, CYA-RYT GOLD LEVEL / Director of The Flying Yogi
Beatrix ( aka Trixie by her students) has been a yoga practitioner for over 30 years with over 14 years teaching experience.  She holds certifications in Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Massage and Natural Health Practitioner.  She first discovered the benefits of integrating suspension into yoga practice through the use of ropes in India.  How remarkable the practice made her spine feel became the inspiration behind designing a product and a methodology that would make suspending accessible to anyone. 


Graduation requirements are: RYT Certification at the 200 Hour Level or the equivalent in an other professional movement modality; Attendance of all 36 hours of in class training; Completion of logged 15 hour practicum and apprentice times; a minimum of 6 class practice sessions with a certified Suspension Yoga instructor (alternative options will provided for out of town students) ; Submission of a 60 minute video of class or one on one instruction demonstrating an adequate knowledge in all areas of Suspension Yoga™.  A $100 fee will apply.

*All Registrants must successfully complete the course, the 15 hour Practicum and the 60 presentation exam in order to qualify for certification. Any registrant missing 30 minutes or more of class time will be required to make it up after the course through paid private sessions or paid review at the next scheduled training.


This course qualifies for 50 hours of CEC’s in compliance with Yoga Alliance and Canadian Yoga Alliance.  It is also a component of The Flying Yogi’s 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training.


Please submit Online Student Application. A non-refundable deposit of $350 + tax is due upon your acceptance. Payment of balance is due no later than 21 days prior to course commencement or registrant risks losing their spot.

Payment Options:
Bank Drafts made out to The Flying Yogi, online payments with all credit cards or email transfers sent to

Flexible Payment Plans are available. Please contact the studio: for information.

For out of town participants – We can assist with arranging affordable accommodations within walking distance of the studio.

Please be sure to read the Suspension Safety Checklist


Deposits and payments are non-refundable unless The Flying Yogi studio cancels the course, in which case registrants are eligible for a full refund.

Requests to make any registration changes must be submitted by email no later than 21 days prior to course commencement.  Requests made less than 21 days before the course date are subject to a $150 rescheduling fee.

Any cancelation request must be made in writing at least 14 days prior to course commencement to avoid forfeiture of entire registration fee. No refunds or credits, whether partial or whole, will be provided to any such registrant unless written proof of illness on physician’s letterhead is provided.

Transfer Fee:
Registrants may elect to transfer their course to someone else for an additional $50 fee.

Although not a prerequisite, it is highly recommended that participants have some previous experience with Suspension Yoga™ and the YogiGym® equipment in order to get the maximum benefit from this training.  To check online for available Intro Workshops or Suspension classes, click here.

(Space is limited so please register early)  

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